Jason Derulo “Talk Dirty” | BEGINNER Hip Hop Dance Video & Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance, but didn’t feel comfortable taking class at a studio or hitting up the club?   Here’s a routine and a tutorial for my beginner-intermediate dancers that want to get down!   Now, if you’re BRAND new to choreography this might take you an hour or two to learn, don’t get discouraged!   It will get easier and you’ll get faster each time you learn a new dance.

This routine is to Jason Derulo‘s new pop single “Talk Dirty”.   Jason’s known for using a lot of hip hop choreography in his music videos so I always like dancing to his songs.  This one in particular has a lot of different sounds and even a middle eastern influence that makes it really stand out to me.  You’ll notice in the tutorial below that I give you counts along with beats and sounds that’ll help you understand how the moves match the music.  If you have questions you can always find me on Facebooktwitter & instagram: @MattSteffanina

Once you’ve learned the routine, it’s time to try it with the music.  Remember, you can go back and practice along with the tutorial as many times as you like before moving on to the dance video at full speed!

To come take class in LA, visit the studio pages below for rates and locations.  I teach a beginner class at IDA every Monday @ 6pm in Hollywood.  The class is open to EVERYONE, so come get down!

For more videos visit:

Choreography by Matt Steffanina

Dance Video filmed at: IDA Hollywood in LA

Sandyhook class @ Millennium

Class time at Millennium Dance Complex in LA!

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